The Problem

The oil and gas industry has been encroaching closer and closer to residential communities along the front range, schools and public places with their industrial activity affecting many by threatening their health and safety as well as the environment.

In November 2017, Broomfield residents voted on and passed a citizens initiative - 301(link) to ensure the protection of their health, safety and the environment in relation to oil and gas activity,  amending the Broomfield City and County Charter to allow oil and gas development only if it does not adversely impact the health, safety, and welfare of residents, wildlife or the environment.

In spite of this voter initiative, in September 2018 Broomfield City Manager, Charles Ozaki, authorized Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc. to begin drilling without including crucial conditions to assess, disclose, and prevent risks to public health and safety. Mr. Ozaki approved a Comprehensive Drilling Plan that allows Extraction Oil and Gas to drill and frack 84 new wells in the City and County of Broomfield despite the plans failure to comply with the Operator Agreement between the City and Extraction as well as with the City's' own Charter and ordinances.

Together with WildEarth Guardians, Residents Rights filed a lawsuit to challenge Mr. Ozaki's approval of the CDP. Although the lawsuit has been dismissed by a judge, we will continue to pursue our right to ensure the enforcement of our local laws and democratic way of life. Stay tuned for next steps!

A Solution

Residents Rights is a non-partisan movement created to unify communities in a common goal of preserving our rights for future generations.


We are committed to empowering communities to protect their health, safety, welfare and the environment.


We believe the more education and experiences that are shared among communities will better protect resident's rights.  We hope you will support our efforts!